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Maria + Ben

By October 13, 2016Real Bride

Maria came to us really wanting a look which was effortless, stylish and comfortable. Most importantly she wanted to look like herself!

She chose our beautiful VITALITY skirt and we customised the top into a deep v neck and added some length so that she could tuck it in for a relaxed and comfortable look.

We caught up with Maria to get some more details about her special day and are excited to share Maria and Ben’s beautiful story and images here xxx

Describe your experience in working with Fiona Claire:

To be a bride can be stressfull!

I was very nervous about putting on a dress, and to have all the attention on me etc.

Fi just made me feel at ease – “don’t worry, it will be perfect!”

She is a very calm and beautiful person with obviously fantastic style! She knows what suits – just trust her. It’s going to be perfect and tailored to your needs. I highly recommend Fiona Claire. Go and see Fiona and her wonderful team, and feel pampered and looked after.

Tell us about your wedding location:

I am originally from Austria and my partner Ben and I, love the outdoors..

We picked this beautiful spot halfway up a mountain (1550m), near my hometown “Umhausen” in Tyrol, Austria. Its called “wiesle”, which means big field.

In the middle of this field surrounded by thick pine forest, stands an old traditional Austrian guesthouse with its own tiny little chapel..

I virtually couldn’t stop crying (obviously out of joy) everytime I looked around me!

What was your favourite part of the day?:

The musical performances! Most of my friends are musical, so there was a choir at the ceremony (my brother played piano and my other brother sang a solo “hallelujah” – wow)

I cried so much – I was wondering if there was any make up left…

What was your non-negotiable for the day?

To have NO “bridal party – table” and name cards, and that the guests get their own food from the buffet….

It created a very casual atmosphere.

What advice would you give to future Fiona Claire brides?:

We didn’t plan our wedding down to the last minute – that made it a real fun and relaxed party! Especially let people sit where they want….or stand…

We invited kids as well (we have two) and the kids entertainment was a great investment.

Live music is awesome!!!! Beats a playlist anytime!

location: “Wiesle” Tyrol/Austria

hair and make-up: 

hair: “Friseurhandwerk Birgit”

make up: “Anna Kopp”

florist: my cousin Conny

photography: Alexander Mueller (a hobby photographer and friend)


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