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Lucy + Tim

By November 7, 2016Real Bride

Lucy was a bride-to-be who was focused on looking and feeling like herself on her wedding day.. She wasn’t comfortable in conventional bridal gowns, and also wanted a touch of colour. Together, we designed a dress which achieved everything she had hoped for! We then included this beautiful layered silk chiffon dress into our range. Both in the ‘lily print’ (which we designed initially for Lucy), and an option in white- we named this style ESSENCE.

We caught up with Lucy recently and it was so nice to hear her wedding story.. Lucy also mentioned it was lovely to remember it all over again!

Describe your experience in working with Fiona Claire:

The word that comes to mind is effortless. Before I found Fiona Claire, I tried on a dozen dresses, made several online purchases (and returns) and spent countless hours online and just couldn’t find something that was me. I was ready to give in and just buy a nice white dress and move on. I then met Fi and shared with her my vision for a dress that was just ‘me’ through a series of screen shots and photos on my phone. To my absolute delight Fi started sketching and we had the dress. The process was effortless. I was incredibly comfortable, I never had any doubts, I just knew it would come together.

I cried when I saw the dress! And on the day it felt amazing on my skin… The silk, the fit, the veil, the everything – I felt like a million dollars and would not change a thing. Every time I spoke with Fi or went to her studio I felt calm, relaxed, confident and glamorous even in the calico shell design! I really was incredibly fortunate to have met Fi as it really wasn’t just about the dress (and i know it sounds corny) but it really was an incredible experience end to end – big hugs to Fi and the entire team at Fiona Claire!

Tell us about your wedding location:

We were married in Tim’s family’s church in Endeavour Hills by two Priests, Father Tim and Father John who have known Tim for most of his life. The church is a very special place to Tim and his family, I also felt very welcomed and connected from the very beginning. It was a gorgeous service, well balanced with biblical and non biblical readings and music. A true representation of who we are and where we have both come from. My heartfelt thanks goes to Father Tim and Father Joh who delivered a beautiful and relaxed service with a few cheeky jokes along the way. My heart was very full. With such big families we held a seated afternoon lunch at Fenix on the Yarra River in Richmond followed by expresso martini’s, paella and dancing at the Mountain Goat brewery, also in Richmond. It rained every day that week but the sun was out and shinning on our wedding day, it was a perfect, perfect day.

What was your favourite part of the day?

I have a few favourite moments; one was the night before, both families and the bridal party had a light and casual dinner together at Tim’s parents house after the church rehearsal. I remember sitting by myself on the side of the room watching everyone and making a conscious effort to take it all in. I felt so grateful at that moment. The second was when Tim and I managed to be sitting down at the same time at the lunch, we couldn’t quite believe that the day was real and it was really about us. I remember us laughing about that! Oh and all the speeches were gorgeous, very lucky to have such incredible family and friends. Lastly, my gorgeous best friend had her first baby 7 days before our wedding day and there she was at the hotel at 7am breastfeeding and getting her make up done. The day would not have been the same without her by my side xx

What was your non-negotiable for the day?

The flow of the day was non- negotiable. Relaxed, easy, a touch of sparkle and like it was never going to end was the brief.  We didn’t get to caught up in what we should be doing rather focusing on what we wanted to do and what we knew our family and friends would enjoy. We worked with an amazing team and had a fab MC (Tim’s gorgeous cousin, Samantha) who helped us pull together an incredible day. Everything was beyond on point. I have high expectations and they were exceeded constantly on the day. I was blown away.

What advice would you give to future Fiona Claire brides?

It really is just one day (the real fun begins after the wedding!) and no matter what it will be magical so enjoy the ride and the destination. Don’t get caught up in making it the best day of your life as the pressure and expectation is just insane. Use instagram and pintrest for inspiration but dont over do it – take a break if you need to – try to remain true to you and your partner and what matters most, trust your gut and have a confident close by who can pull you back into line or make a call for you when you are over making decisions – that will happen! Soak it up and enjoy. We thought about it as a big family lunch and then drinks with friends – that took the pressure off   and helped us focus on what mattered – family, friends and good food and wine!



St Paul’s, Endeavors Hills – cermony, morning service

http://fenix.com.au/  – seated wedding lunch

http://www.goatbeer.com.au/ – afterparty


http://www.tylamiller.com – Tyla Miller


http://www.meloniesantos.com.au – Melonie Santos

bridal party flowers:

@Herbandivy on Instagram, herbandivy@outlook.com – Gabby Hollins
Event styling and planning – lunch reception, event florals and after party:

http://www.rubyandjames.com.au/ – Ruby and James



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